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Working Student: Oil Type Transformer Tank Design Optimization 50% (f/m/d)

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Enclosures for distribution oil type transformers may be subject to different types of thermal and mechanical loads. Common service loads include in fact the hydrostatic pressure of the oil, the gravitational force applied to the entire transformer, and different thermal dilatations induced by the heating of the active part. In addition to these, other more demanding load scenarios must be considered such as the seismic excitation, as defined by relevant standards, and accelerations due to lifting and on-road transportation. For releasing a new design is therefore mandatory to perform accurate static and dynamic finite element simulations that include the fatigue assessment of welded and bolted connections. The optimization of the design allows for the minimization of the costs due to unnecessary material and manufacturing operations, keeping at the same time the system safe and fully operational. The scope of this work is to support our team in Molinazzo di Monteggio to perform an electromagnetic-thermal-structural multi-physic finite element simulation campaign to assess and optimize the transformer tank for a specific HITACHI-ABB Powergrids design, verify this by experiment by means of strain gauges and accelerometers during both static and dynamic tests and deliver the relevant documentation to engineering. The duration of the internship is 6 months.

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