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We are always looking for new talent to extend the YAAY team. In the past we have discovered that there is no typical profile we could refer to, nor any job title we truly identify with. YAAY’s team members are flexible allrounders, with a wide interest in hacking new topics and seeking the most efficient and elegant path to maximum product quality. Yes, this means stress and uncertainty in not knowing exactly where the journey will take you, but being MacGyver or Indiana Jones in the digital age is also fun.

So, we don’t care if you have a bachelor’s, master’s or PhD in human sciences, design or engineering sciences. If you come from or live in Switzerland or somewhere else in the world. What we care about is that you represent one of the four YAAY relevant dimensions (design, development, content, data) and that you want to start working visually in order to change how people see today’s complex information. Once you apply you should be able to explain from which of the following four dimensions you come from and where you want to develop. Mehr Infos unter: http://yaay.ch/jobs

To apply for this job please visit yaay.ch.