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R&D Internship (f/m/d)

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Losses within the core and windings are one of the main effects limiting the efficiency, power capacity and power density of electrical power transformers Some of the promising newer technologies/materials used to realize the transformer core and windings are still not so well understood and a proper characterization and standardization does not exist yet. In that respect, proper characterization and modelling of these losses within a transformer is one of the essential tasks needed to enable a good design. To that end, this project deals with experimental testing, characterization, and modelling of the core and winding losses. This research aims to generate a much-needed insight into the real loss behavior of the core and windings in the exact conditions and geometry setups as encountered in transformers, thus properly exposing all the relevant effects. Finally, firm guidelines are to be established, defining the good and bad practices, allowing to achieve the most efficient transformer design for the given application. Our flexible work practices help you optimize personal and business performance while creating an environment where all employees can develop their skills and grow.

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