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Internship Mechanical and system simulations of HV circuit breakers 80-100% (f/m/d)

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The design of high voltage (HV) devices, such as gas insulated switchgear and gas circuit breakers (CB), requires – among others – the accurate determination of their dielectric withstand as well as mechanical strength and performance over their lifetime. The research and development activities in area of breakers and interrupters are enhanced by various computer-aided-engineering tools and IT technologies. Unfortunately, the dielectric and mechanical performance do not depend on easily predictable quantities only such as applied voltage, geometry and nominal properties of materials (gaseous and solid), but also on uncertain factors such as presence of particles, defects on surfaces, charges on dielectric materials/coatings, etc. These non-idealities can drastically reduce the expected performance of a designed HV device. The quantification of this performance reduction is done through measurements that attempt to reproduce working conditions as much as possible. The aim of the internship will be the support of the project development of the circuit breakers by the mechanical and the system simulations, as well as the analysis of the test data. The aim of the internship is to carry out mechanical and system simulations to evaluate the performances of circuit breakers as well as test data analysis and their utilization in order to improve the accuracy of the simulations. The superior goal is the achievement of high-end quality and performance of the final product. The duration of the internship is 6 to 12 months.

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