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R&D Internship in numerical simulation 80-100% (f/m/d)

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As new R&D Intern, you will join our Structural/Acoustics/Thermo-Mechanics (STAT) network team in the Swiss Technology Center of the HITACHI-ABB Power Grids joint venture. You will be part of a group of key people with specific expertise in the fields of structural, acoustic and thermo-mechanic analysis, simulation and testing. As part of our global R&D community including Technology Centers and Research Centers worldwide, you will contribute to support all factories in the PG Dry, Traction and Distribution Transformers on innovative and challenging research projects. You will focus on the setup of a methodology for numerical simulation of noise generated by dry-type transformers and reactors. Transformer noise is characterized by several pure tones. The frequency of a number of these is in the range where the human ear is most sensitive. Moreover, transformer noise, being of tonal character, causes irritation and discomfort. We distinguish two transmission mechanisms of the transformer vibration induced noise: air-borne and structure-borne. There are different sources of noise in transformers such as: – Magnetostrictive forces: which cause a vibration of the core at twice of the line frequency – Magnetomotive forces: which cause the laminations of the core to strike against each other if there are residual gaps between them – Lorentz forces: induced by the coupling of the alternating current and the magnetic field in the individual windings. Algorithms have been recently developed in finite element codes for simulating these mechanisms by a multi-physics coupling between the electromagnetic, structural and acoustic analyses. The scope of this work is to study the current approaches as proposed by the scientific community, support the implementation of the new numerical algorithms into a simulation methodology and deliver a tool for preliminary assessment of noise generated by transformers and reactors. The duration of the internship is 6 to 8 months.

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