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Bachelor’s project on Optimization driven finite element analysis of a transformer frame design 80-100% (f/m/d)

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Transformer frame, whose primary scope is to clamp together the magnetic foil sheets the core is composed of, is often subject to different external loads according to the final application. These loads are induced by either the transformer manufacturing operations such as lifting and transportation and to specific working conditions such as vibrations, shocks, wind dynamic pressure or seismic excitation. Some of the loading scenario listed above are always present (lifting and transportation), whereas others are specific to the application (rolling stock, marine or windmill), required by the customer or defined by regulations and standards (seismic and others). Since Hitachi ABB PG manufacturing is principally based on custom built transformers, it is not always possible to define generic and standard design rules. For this reason, a finite element-based procedure has been developed for a rapid simulation of a specific transformer frame (WS frame). This tool has been conceived for the development and optimization of the WS frame and afterward made parametric and extended for the definition of the design rules for this specific frame design. The duration of the bachelor project is 6 months.

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