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Working student/part-time position in cleantech startup for front-end development/ UX design (8-16h/week)

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Webseite Exnaton

About the Company:
Exnaton is a startup based in Zurich, Switzerland, which offers software for building local peer-to-peer energy communities for renewable energy. Our software empowers energy providers to set up energy communities in their distribution areas. Community members can directly buy renewable energy from their neighbors, which makes investing in the energy transition simple and fun! Our software computes smart real-time prices for locally produced energy which make renewable energy financially more attractive. End-users receive an app that maps the sources of their energy, making their electricity consumption more understandable. Visit for more information.

Your Role:
We are looking for a motivated student to expand our team. You help us shape the user experience of our product, making renewable energy more attractive to its users. Among others, your main responsibilities in this role are the following:

●  Contribute to a state-of-the-art web application
●  Create understandable visualization of highly granular time-series energy data
●  Design new functionalities in our web application
●  Collaborate closely with our developer team to implement an exceptional design and user experience

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