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Internship Opportunity in Microfluidics and Organ-On-A-Chip

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Your mission

Microwell plates ranging from 6 to 1536 assays have become a standardized platform in analytical research and clinical diagnostic laboratories including handling by robots. This international standard is increasingly adopted by OoC (Organ-on-Chip) systems and organoid culture for high throughput screening. There are two common denominators: base-plate and lid. All OoC and organoid systems, regardless of the biological model, require continuous maintenance as well as biosensing for analysis. CSEM’s European project Moore4Medical intends to serve both needs with an intelligent well-plate lid that is compatible with most existing base-plate solutions. Specifically, we aim to combine liquid handling and sensing to a “smart lid” for the InSphero Akura Flow plate.


We are looking for an intern to join us at CSEM who will support us in completing our intelligent lid with the integration of the electrochemical sensing elements. The existing sensors need to be fluidically integrated and electrically connected to the read-out system. Furthermore, the fluidics should allow for calibration and washing of the sensors to make them reusable. For the fabrication of the lid, we will first use rapid prototyping methods (milling, 3D printing, etc.) but will move quickly towards injection molding.


Your responsibilities

We are looking for an intern to support us in the implementation, testing, and biovalidation of the prototype systems, specifically with regards to design, fabrication, testing, image acquisition, and spheroid handling.


Your profile


  • Wet lab experience, experience with fluidics is required
  • Experience with microfluidics, organoid / spheroid culture, or organ-on-chip systems is a plus
  • Rapid prototyping (e.g. 3D printing, micromilling, hot embossing), CAD (e.g. SolidWorks)
  • Expertise with microcontrollers (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoard, Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Strong English-speaking skills required, German and / or French-speaking skills a plus

interpersonal skills

  • Good communication skills
  • Highly collaborative
  • Flexible and adaptable thinking / operating style

We look forward to receiving your complete application file via our job page Preference will be given to professionals applying directly.

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