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Trainee Business Operations (1 year, German speaker)


Job Description

1.  Training Governance

Give local input in the design of the Affiliate Compliance training plan (type of trainings, frequency, define audience & relevant schedule)
Create or modify adequate training material and act as trainer on localized Compliance related SOPs and business processes; provide training in accordance with agreed upon training plan
Ensure that trainings (incl. training material) on Compliance and other business Policies and localized SOPs are translated (as required and appropriate)
Collaborate with Training Coordinator managing Affiliate training environment ensuring that compliance related trainings are appropriately assigned and followed-trough
Discuss non-completeness of training schedule with Sr Manager, Standard & Governance

2. Operational maintenance of localized Compliance Program elements

Support localization of business processes (drafting supporting localized SOPs, Work Instructions, cadence management, support translations, archiving)
Support in managing localized operational process requirements, i.e. approval processes; needs assessment or application forms and respective processes; implementation of external and global and local internal requirements adequate and sufficient documentation
Advise and support on required process or form changes
Provide day-to-day advice as to adherence to, and requirements of, local processes
Consult in, assess and answer Compliance and Governance questions by employees, evaluate and judge specific more sophisticated questions or projects (incl. adequate research) in close collaboration with Sr Manager Standard & Governance
Provide operational support and execute communication / training on the FMV calculation system as implemented in the Affiliate to ensure that payments to HCPs are calculated in accordance with such system

3.   Collaborate with Sr Manager Standard & Governance and Compliance Officer in implementing localized Compliance Program, including Policies & SOPs

Ensure that final versions of localized Compliance Policies are properly signed, stored, archived and accessible to Affiliate employees
Maintaining any archiving system designed and implemented for managing records of the local/functional Corporate Compliance Program
Translate global communications into local language as required and appropriate

Additional information

The Trainee Business Operation (Assoc. Standards & Governance) support governance structure and implementation of local business processes at the Affiliate level. He/She is playing a key role in operationalizing the local business processes that support the maintenance and implementation of the Corporate Compliance Program, working in close partnership with the Sr Standards & Governance Manager, the Compliance Officer and local business departments.  He/She focuses on supporting business process implementation and enhancement, advices on continuous improvement of the supporting processes through ongoing training on local processes as warranted. The Trainee Business Operation reports Sr Manager Standards & Governance.


Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Business Administration, Legal, Life Science, etc.
Experience in a similar role (ideally pharma / biotech industries)
Preferably knowledge of Healthcare Compliance Program requirements or experience in other defined governance roles (Audit, GxP)
Expertise in coordination and improvement of procedures & processes
Good understanding of common business processes
Fluent German and English

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